Author Amanda Augustine
Amanda Augustine
Career Coach (CPCC) & Resume Writer (CPRW)
Amanda Augustine is the resident career expert for Talent Inc.'s suite of brands: TopResume, TopInterview, and TopCV. With 15 years of experience in the recruiting and...
Author Natalia Autenrieth
Natalia Autenrieth
Executive Coach & Writer
Natalia Autenrieth has audited Fortune 500 clients as part of a Big 4 team, built an accounting department as a controller of a large hospital, and served as a CPA...
Author David Bingley
David Bingley
Development Coach, CPCC & PCC
I work with executives to explore what would happen if they used language that was authentic and self-expressed in all of their interactions. Through this language work,...
Author Imed Bouchrika
Imed Bouchrika
Professor Imed Bouchrika, PhD is the chief data scientist contributing to the foundation of the academic research portal where he is responsible for the...
Author Elaine Boylan
Elaine Boylan
MA (Master of Arts)
Elaine Boylan, MA, who has been with the Center for Career Development at Adelphi University since 2003, loves to help people discover what they were meant to do. She...
Author Angie Callen
Angie Callen
Career Coach, CPCC and Resume Writer, CPRW
After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Civil Engineering, I practiced in the industry for about eight years and then decided to make an...